Immingham is the new port of call in the UK

Samskip has decided to relocate its UK port of call from Hull to Immingham. The final call in Hull will occur with voyage number 2342SKF in week 43, on approximately 23rd October.

Samskip's service provider in Immingham is ABP, which is also the service provider in Hull. The first stop in Immingham will be on Monday, 30th October, with voyage number 2343HOF.

In conjunction with this change, a new service provider, known as Bring Cargo, will assume responsibility for Samskip's warehouse services in Immingham. Their warehouse is conveniently situated a short distance from the port area.

We want to highlight that cargo will be accepted in Immingham from Monday, 2nd of October onwards. This applies to all shipments booked for trips starting with 2343HOF.

For information regarding the delivery address for bulk goods and full containers, as well as the closing times for Immingham, please visit You can also find Samskip's updated sailing schedule there.

Best regards,
Samskip Staff